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Seven illustrious generations distilled

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Seven illustrious generations distilled


Rothschild is a legendary name in finance, yet its brand communications and website presence were dated and uninspiring. After a beauty parade of brand consultants, Rothschild Wealth Management & Trust selected Nucleus to review and transform all its communications.


Working closely with the bank’s Global Executive Committee, we peeled back the mystique and multiple dimensions of this most famous of banking names until we could understand what made the brand unique and how this could be of greatest benefit to clients. We assessed, challenged and helped simplify the product offering. Then, by defining clear brand values and sustainable points of difference, we could start to articulate a brand proposition that was both a link to Rothschild’s illustrious past and compellingly engaging for wealthy clients today.

The brand proposition was ultimately articulated as ‘Shaping wealth for generations’, which we then used as the ‘Big Idea’ for a new creative approach. Rothschild Wealth Management & Trust uses art and object’s d’art from its own archive, to create a unique written and visual language embracing all printed and digital media. The multi-lingual website provides an example of the new brand experience.


The brand proposition was initially launched internally to great acclaim, winning over even the most sceptical bankers. With relationships determined by one-on-one client relationships, the brand proposition helped private bankers across the world to tell the Rothschild story. The business was named ‘Private Bank of the Year 2010’ by two organisations, and has also achieved many other prestigious awards within the finance sector. Subsequently, Nucleus was awarded further mandates including: Rothschild Reserve;; and a brand project for Global Investment Banking.